Worker’s Compensation

website-wc2In the State of New York, any employee, volunteer firefighter, or volunteer ambulance worker who has been injured as a result of an on-the-job accident, work related illness or repetitive stress injury is entitled to file for Workers’ Compensation benefits. An injured worker is entitled to both monetary and medical benefits even if he/she is paid “off the books” or even if they are not a legal resident in the United States.

We have successfully represented thousands of workers and volunteer firefighters who have been injured on the job or who have been affected by occupational diseases including carpal tunnel syndrome, heart attacks and lung related diseases or who have been otherwise disabled from work.

Depending on the type of injury, injured workers may be entitled to sizable cash awards even if they have not missed a single day from work. Moreover, you may be entitled to receive weekly compensation benefits if you have returned to work and are making less money per week because of your injury.

On December 1, 2010, the New York Workers’ Compensation Board implemented medical treatment guidelines which have created much confusion among claimant’s, physicians and even within the legal community. Stanton, Guzman & Miller, LLP and their staff are fully versed in the application of these new guidelines and their effect on injured workers.

In addition to your claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits, in some instances, you may have the right to sue a third party for personal injuries if they contributed to or caused your disability.

We work on contingency, so you don’t pay us unless we get a settlement for you. Even then, the court sets the fee.

If you are unsure about your legal rights, contact our office immediately and request a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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